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3 Ways To Style a Yellow Checkered Skirt: Outfit Proposals

This yellow checkered skirt used to belong to my mother. Obviously, that makes it a vintage item and one to cherish. I had originally considered making an outfit proposal post with my old outfits, but then I realized that I have actually worn this yellow skirt at least three times this March. So, instead of sharing old outfits, I'm going to share new ones. Here are the three ways in which I wore this yellow skirt. If you have a similar item in your closet, let me know how you like to style it. Do you have any checkered items? Do you have any checkered items in yellow? Would you wear a yellow checkered skirt? 1. Wear it with a black leather jacket and biker boots If you want to go easy with the colour, why not opt for black clothing items to go along your yellow skirt. You know what they say, black is always a good idea. Black and yellow colour combos have been popular lately, and I have actually illustrated 3 runaways looks in this colour sheme (you can see them