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Every visit to Nature Park Hutovo blato is incredibly special. This visit was unplanned, a last moment sort of thing. While I would agree that (generally speaking) planning is important,  sometimes the best trips aren't planned. Since we didn't plan to visit, I didn't wear proper footwear. So, I was walking around this wetland nature park in heeled pointy boots like a fashion lover that I sometimes am. Don't worry, I tripped only once- and not because of the heels. There was a hole in the ground that wasn't visible because it was covered by freshly cut grass. Anyhow, I survived but I definitely recommend more sensible shoes to you. Fortunately, I had enough sense to bring a straw hat. The sun was strong that day but I welcomed it (thanks to the shade provided by my hat). Finally, I had a definite feeling that Spring has arrived. It was a lovely (if short) escape from the absolutely catastrophe that is the world today.  Sometimes all we need to rewind is  a few minut