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heart shaped potatoes+ outfit post/ krumpirići u obliku srca i odjevna kombinacija

 Heart shaped potatoes were a part of our breakfast this morning. I got this idea yesterday and I must say they were delicious. Little bit of olive oil and love makes magic happen... I have had a wonderful day so far and I wish you all plenty of love in every shape and form...xoxo Krumpirići u obliku srca bili su dio našeg doručka jutros. Palo mi je na pamet  jučer da ih napravim i moram reći da su bili jako ukusni. Malo maslinovog ulja i ljubavi i eto čarolije...Dan mi je zasada bio prekrasan i želim vam svima puno ljubavi u svakom obliku. Ljubim Vas! I decided not to go with all red today but opted for brownish tones instead. I did wear a red belt because I couldn't just leave red completely is the day of love, right? I really love black necklaces and I haven't worn this necklace in a while... forgot about it, I guess. I think I have never mentioned this before, but I love aviation. I like this old-timer you can see behind my back. sunnies: Chanel, nec