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How To Wear Yellow In Summer? + Mostar's panorama + Goranci restaurant

How to wear yellow in summer? Like with any trend, if you are not sure how to tackle it, start slow. Baby steps. You can always warm up to this colour with accessories. Why not try wearing a yellow belt or a scarf? Here, for example, I wore a yellow scarf around my straw hat. Similarly, a yellow bag might be a great choice. Yellow bag is not only a great pop of colour in the summer, it is also a bag you can wear all year around. In my experience, a yellow bag is a fantastic way to cheer up any outfit. Similarly, you can take it from there and pick one clothing item in yellow while keeping the rest of the outfit in black (or whatever colour you prefer).  For me personally, yellow is an easy choice. I can even imagine myself in a total yellow outfit. This plastic yellow bag I'm wearing here is an old find. I must have worn this bag a hundred times. This cropped yellow top is pretty old as well. It's from a Croatian brand that no longer exists but that I used to wear all th