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Outfit of the day, sharing my hair secrets (+ a book and a restaurant recommendation)

I told you that you're going to see more of this coat, didn't I? Here I styled it with a turtleneck, a skirt, a pair of leggings, a pair of boots with high heels and a black leather bag. I braided one braid to the side of my head, like I sometimes to. It's a very practical hairdo and it can save you from a bad hair day. You know those days when your scalp is starting to get a bit oily but it is still not time for another hair wash. What to do when your hair gets quite oily but it is still not time for a hair wash? I usually braid all of hair. I opt for boxer braids or a fish bone. Speaking of which, how often do you shampoo your hair? How does your hair routine looks like? I'm curious. I usually shampoo my hair only once or twice a week. Years ago, I heard some hair model say that she only shampoos her hair once a week because too much shampoo destroys our natural oils and so on and I guess I took her advice to heart. It is good to note that shampooing and washing

Fashion illustrations of the day + an outfit post (How to style a mini skirt this Winter?)

As you can see, I'm still working on my fashion illustrations. As of late, books have started to make their appearance as a fashion accessory in my illustrations. I dedicated a whole post (  Can a book be considered a fashion accessory?  ) to this subject this month. Besides books, I've also been into illustrating dresses and skirts paired with boots. These three fashion illustrations I'm sharing today are more Spring friendly, so you're welcomed to imagine a coat over them. left: watercolour, right: coloured pencils and markers colour pencils & markers colour pencil & markers (fashion illustration) Today I've also prepared an outfit proposal that is my answer to the question of 'how to style a mini skirt this Winter?'. My suggestion is to pair the mini skirt with tights and a turtleneck (a warm coat goes without saying) because that will keep you warm. If you want to spice the outfit a little bit, why no