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The Magic of Nature Park Hutovo Blato: Must See Places in Herzegovina

I've been living as an expat in Bosnia and Herzegovina for almost a decade now. During this rather long period of time, I've discovered many wonderful places that I learned to treasure and appreciate. I wrote about most of them here in this little place I can my own. Still, some places are more special than others. It is hard to say why. Some reasons remain mysterious of the heart. Maybe life is more interesting that way. We don't always have to know everything. Sometimes we fall in love with places just the way we fall in love with people. All I can say is that Hutovo Blato is one of those special places. I've fallen in love with it during my first visit. Maybe it's the sea child in me that's feeling (and missing) the Adriatic? After all, the Adriatic is not far from here. That's what I felt on my first visit: a fascination with how familiar this place felt. Since then, I've been a pretty regular visitor. In many ways this nature park feels absol