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My last post was my participation in Bloggers Art Gallery . Today on the blog, we have another post about my art. More specifically, it's about digital art. While I was browsing through my old blog posts, I came across some of my old mixed print sketches that I made back in 2013 and 2014. I've been exploring digital art, so I decided to colour these watercolour sketches digitally. How did I do it? I used Paint 3D program to colour them. Do you want to see how it is done? Scroll down to see my art process and work in progress collages. In case anyone is interesting in purchasing any of my art, y ou can buy most of my illustrations and paintings here: A BLUE LADY IN A MAGICAL FOREST  This painting of a blue lady was originally a sketch made with a ballpoint pen on a random piece of paper with some watercolour added. Before I got better (still not perfect) as organizing my time for art, I used to sketch a lot. I'm so glad I did because sketching can b