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Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! Today I have another TRAVEL WITH MY ART post to share with you. Once again, it's a seascape painting depicting island Hvar. What can I say? I love the Adriatic sea and island Hvar so much. It is an infinite source of inspiration for me.  Last time I shared a canvas painting of Zavala on island Hvar. The location I'm sharing today is once again island Hvar, but this time it is Sucuraj. This is actually my second painting of this place. I sold the first painting of Sucuraj but this new one is available for sale (in case everyone is interested). I often take the ferry from Drvenik to Sucuraj, so that particular landscape is engraved in my mind. I just love seeing the beautiful white stone lighting house that marks the beginning of island Hvar for me.  Some of you might remember that I spent one weekend in May on island Hvar. Well, I haven't visited island Hvar this summer yet but I painted it! THE MEDIUM FOR THE PAINTING  The medium for