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Doesn't this place look simply magical? Jelsa is a small touristic town located on island of Hvar. That is where I'm taking you today, that’s what this post is about so Jelsa is basically what I’ll be showing you and writing about. Jelsa is quite a beautiful and picturesque little town, I have to say. If you like the Adriatic sea, and you want to visit a lovely and relaxed vibe Croatian costal city, this place is definitely an option for you.  This city actually started its life as a harbour for Pitve village. Jelsa still has a harbour and a marine, and one that is accessible to boats.  If you are a boat owner or plan to rent one for vacation purpuses, you might want to keep that in mind. You can easily get to Jelsa from Split by taking a catamaran boat ride from Split. Jelsa was actually one of the places that did tourism seriously (back in the day when health tourism was a thing) so you might say it has a tradition of tourism. Today’s Jelsa is also the seat of municipality u