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Today we'll talk about styling printed dresses for spring and summer. I think printed dresses are a great option for summer and spring. They are a statement piece in themselves. Prints and patterns are always fun. There are lot of different printed dresses one can choose from. There are the more classical prints like stripes, polka dots, floral and animal prints. Modern prints such as stars, hearts, comic book or graphics are also a good option. If you're adventurous, you can also choose a mixed print dress. If you don't like bold prints, you can opt for more subtle ones. I have all kinds of printed dresses in my closet and I wear them often. I often wear my printed dresses in the colder months as well. With the help of layering, printed dresses can be virtually worn in any season. With the start of spring, I decided to think of different ways to style my printed dresses. I'm definitely looking forward to it. DIFFERENT WAYS TO STYLE PRINTED DRESSES What I like about pri