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Close to the edge/ Blizu ruba

Don't worry. I have no intention of jumping in. It is just that I've always been attracted to cliffs and chasms. Perhaps I had been a poet of romanticism in my past life. This could be called a 'blogger off duty' outfit. It is what I wear when I go hiking when I have enough sense to wear something appropriate for that activity (which is not always the case, I've been known to go hiking in skirts, and boots with high heels). Love for fashion and clothes is so much more than a simple dressing up. It is what makes us always want to try new things. It is what makes us wear clothes that might not even look flattering on us but that make us happy. In its pure form, love for clothes and fashion is a form of creativity. I'm sure my blogger friends realize that as well. Any real love has its dept, so there is really nothing superficial about love for clothes. Ne brinite se. Nemam nikakvu namjeru baciti se unutra. Radi se samo o me da su me uvijek privlačile litice.