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Conversation (short story, writer link up)

Today I'm joining a writer's link up. Feel free to read other stories and find out more about it  here . It is organized monthly by blogger  +Natalia Lialina  and everyone is welcome to join in. My story is about 1100 words long and titled  Conversation . Original version was twice as long and written in Croatian, so I guess  this is a rewrite.  Without any further ado, here is my short story for this month.                                                                  Conversation  I was in a hurry, running to catch the bus  and doing my best not to look ridiculous in the process, when suddenly I saw a familiar face.  He was sitting on a bench in an ordinarily looking park that started where the bus station ended and despite the fact I couldn’t see his face I recognized him immediately. His back was slightly hunched and the tips of his wings, dragging on the grass, haven't been white in ages. Their colour was more ash like and perhaps there was actual ash on