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For the love of reading: Big Girls Don't Cry by Fay Weldon

Big Girls Don't Cry   is my first novel by Fay Weldon. She is an English novelist, esseyist and playwright, born in 1931. Lately I’ve been  reading more works from authors I haven't had read before. I've always been the type to read the complete works of writers I really like, but I still like to be on a lookout for something different. I guess that lately I've been wanting to branch out a little bit. Anyway, this British author was  completely unknown to me, so I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t do any prior research, I decided to wait until I read the novel.  My reading experience was pretty interesting. Let's just say that the novel grew on me....and it might be still going at (growing on me that is) it because I can't stop thinking about it! What do I mean to say?  Oddly enough, when I started reading it, I thought to myself, on noooo here comes the whining (I dislike whining on principle) because that is where the novel seemd to be going (with

Boromine sandals review (+ How to paint on clothes?)/ Recenzija boromina (+ Kako slikati na odjeći?)

This outfit post was shot last month, when it was still warm enough during the day to wear something like this. Nevertheless, I'm aware that this is probably the last post with boromine sandals (those living in Croatia will know what I'm talking about, because these sandals are quite popular here). I wore these sandals quite often last Summer. Boromine are really as comfortable as everyone says they are (once your feet get used to the them, you will feel like you're walking on clouds).  In fact, I wore them so much they have already started to look worn out.  You can see how I wore them   here , here ,   here and here . Considering the price, I wasn't expecting them to start looking worn out so early on, but well at least they're incredibly comfortable plus I must be honest and say I literally wore them all the time, so no wonder. However, Autumn is here so bye-bye sandals. Yesterday, I actually wore boots for the first time! How's the weather been treating y