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Floral dress (outfit post) / Cvjetna haljina (odjevna objava)

How to wear a floral summer dress in winter? Well, you might wear a long cardigan over it and a simple black coat on top of that. For a bit of colour, you might accessorize with a light green scarf and a pair of sunglasses. I would say it is as good way as any. What do you think?  Time to say goodbye to February. The photographs were taken closer to the start of February than to the end of this month, but they will serve just fine. The weather is pretty much the same. Quite warm, but not enough to leave your coat at home, hence this outfit still feels relevant to me.  * I missed you guys! I haven't been able to keep up with your blogs this week, I've only started answering comments today and I'll be catching up with them tomorrow. Kako nositi cvjetnu šarenu haljinu zimi? Mogli biste nositi dugi karigan preko nje i jednostavan crni kaputić preko. Za malo boje, mogli biste dodati svijetlo zeleni šal i sunčane naočale. Rekla bi da je to način koji n

etno selo (outfit post) / ethno village (odjevna objava)

Boots/Čizme: Peko, leg warmers/grijači za noge: neosens, torba/bag: second hand, haljina/dress: New Yorker...umbrella/silk blouse/puffer: no name...ostalo nije markirano If this outfit looks familiar, it is for a reason. You had already seen it in a way...just with another coat. In fact, these photographs were taken on the same day as the ones you already had the chance of seeing here . Speaking of things repeated, here we are again in this ethno village that has been featured on this blog a number of times. It's been under construction for years, but I swear it's more gorgeous every time I visit it. I can't wait to see it finished. It's within the walking distance of another (already established and popular) ethno village Herceg    in Međugorje, BIH. Some of the photographs are a bit blurry because some of the rain drops ended up on our camera, but I think that only adds to the charm. Ako vam ova odjevn

Split once again / Još jednom Split

Today's post is really just a sequel to the last one. I moved only slightly ( 5 minute walk from the famous promenade i.e. Riva) to show you another view of the Split city. Have a lovely weekend everyone! Današnja je objava zapravo samo nastavak prošle. Pomakla sam se samo mrvicu ( 5 minuta šetnje od rive) da bi vam pokazala još jedan pogled na Split. Uživajte svi u vikendu.

Swans in Split / Labudovi u Splitu

Swans are not supposed to prefer the sea to the lakes and rivers, are they? Tell these guys that. I mean, there are plenty of rivers and creeks in the vicinity but they like tourist seem to prefer the seafront promenade.  Speaking of unusual sightings, here I am wearing skinny jeans. I borrowed them on this occasion because with this coat they might actually work. However, you won't be seeing me in skinny jeans any time soon. No, thank you. Labudovi ne bi trebali izabrati more prije rijeka i jezera, zar ne? Recite to ovima. Ima sasvim dovoljno rijeka i potoka u blizini, ali oni kao i turisti više vole šetnju uz more. Govoreći o neobičnim prizorima, nešto neobično za mene... uske traperice. Posudila sam ih ovom prilikom jer s ovim kaputom mogu proći. No, nećete me vidjeti u uskim trapericama ubuduće. Ne, hvala. shades: DM, statement necklace: DIY, coat: Tally Weijl, the rest: no name/ Ogrlica: moj ručni rad, sunčane: DM, k