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 In this post, I shall review Jeniec i dziewczyna (The Prisoner and the Girl),  a micronovel by Kornel Filipowicz, a Polish writer who was considered the master of a short form.  Kornel Filipowicz (1913- 1990) was best known for his short stories, but he also wrote novels, screenplays and poems.  This micronovel, set during WW2, proved to be a touching and interesting read. I must admit that I was expecting to like it, because not too long ago, I reviewed and enjoyed another of Filipowicz's micronovels.  I found both of these micronovels in one of my husband's  vintage editions. It's lovely when your significant other likes books, so I can always roam his library when mine falls short. Anyhow, I really enjoyed this micronovel. I'm looking forward to sharing more about it with you.  U ovoj objavi osvrnut ću se na Jeniec i dziewczyna (Zarobljenik i djevojka), mikroroman Kornela Filipowicza, pisca koji se smatrao majstorom kratke forme. Kornel Filipowicz (1913.-1990.) bio