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Hello dear readers! I'm back with another TRAVEL WITH MY ART POST.  This time I'm taking you to Planinica hill in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You might remember this place from my numerous posts about it. Like Goranci , Planinica is only a short drive away from Mostar. If you are lucky, you might even come across semi-wild horses.  I've been meaning to paint Planinica for a long time. You know a friend of mine asked me recently whether I ever paint locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I do, but perhaps not as much as I should. There are definitely a lot of beautiful places in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I illustrated and painted some of them in the past, but now I decided that it is time to feature more of Bosnia and Herzegovina in my TRAVEL WITH MY ART POSTS. After all, this is where I'm currently based at.  This location painting is a bit different because it features an animal- a horse. However, this animal is definitely a part of this place. When I decided to paint Planinic