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Book recommendation of the day / Preporuka knjige dana ( Milana Vuković Runjić, Ulica Nevjernih žena)

Are you reading Milana again? Always. All it took for me to become a fan of her writing was one visit to the library. Not so long ago, I reviewed a book of hers here on my blog. Today it is time for another recommendation. This time I'm not reviewing a collection of stories but I'm recommending a novel. What a novel it is! The Street of Unfaithful women would be the translation of this novel’s title. This time it is all about infidelity. Well, not really. In reality, it is about women. You see, there is this street. What makes it peculiar is that all women in this street are unfaithful....or so it seems. Nothing is really as it ought to be in this enchanted little street situated on outskirts of the town. In this street, so close to nature, magic still exists and history has a way of getting mixed up with present. Here the myth can still come to life and the forest still holds many secrets. Sounds interesting? It is. Often called a modern fairy tale, the novel erases boundarie