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Hello dear readers and/or fellow bloggers! How's life treating you? Today I'm back with a fashion illustration depicting a brunette in a green dress. The medium for this illustration is watercolour pencils  ( Staedtler brand ) on recycled lasagna packaging (yes, really). Obviously this cardboard isn't ideal for art, but I like a good challenge and I like to recycle. The cardboard used for packaging products these days feels plastic but that's the way it is. I gave it a try and it turned out well. I'm actually thinking of using this fashion illustration as a bookmark. Maybe I should gift it to someone. Now, that is what I would call a successfully upcycled bookmark. I also used played a bit with digital effects to make new versions of this fashion illustration. Scroll down to see more of my art process.  DRAWING AND PAINTING WITH WATERCOLOUR PENCILS- THE PROCESS Bellow you can see two collages I made specifically to show you the process of working with watercolour pe