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Hello! It's time for another Friday Fashion Illustration post (see the last one here ). This time I'll show you a fashion illustration I drew with a reference  photograph. My previous  post  also featured a fashion illustration made with a reference . Sometimes I find that working with a reference  photograph helps to challenge  myself a bit. When I wrote about ways to improve your fashion illustration skills , I mentioned that both working with and without reference is important. Anyhow, I still have lots of fashion art to share with you. My shoulder injury is behind me and I've been making lots of art (and uploading it to my Redbubble  shop as well).  The medium for this illustration is again watercolour pencils ( Staedtler  brand, not sponsored) on mixed media paper ( art talents , again not sponsored). Scroll down to see work in progress photographs as well as another sustainable outfit featuring a vintage red dress my aunt gave me some time ago. WORK IN PROGRESS PHO