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My art lately- classical themes (Madonna with the baby Jesus 1 and 2)

I've been painting all my life and I still feel like I have so much to learn. That's the thing about painting, it's so full of possibilities and there are so many different mediums out there that a part of you always feels like a beginner, even when you have degrees that prove otherwise.  Painting, sometimes it  feels wonderful and sometimes frustrating, but  I guess that what they say is true, when you love something, you find time for it. Lately I've been working on some classical themes, looking up to 16 century painters and perhaps also trying to interpret their works in my own way. Today I'm sharing two recent works of mine. They are not reproductions ( I do enough of those at art courses), but they are inspired by classical paintings.  1. MADONNA WITH THE BABY JESUS #1 The medium for this one is acrylic paints on cardboard. I added finishing touches with a marker, so technically speaking this painting is a mixed media one. I'm pretty happy with how it

Fashion illustration of the day + outfit of the day (Buona domenica!)

Happy Sunday darlings! How are you doing? As you can see, I'm still working hard on improving my illustrating skills, always trying out new things and drawing more and more in the process. I do aspire to to polish my fashion illustrations. As much as I enjoy drawing imaginary outfits (i.e. designing clothes), I find drawing real outfits to be just as fun. In addition, I think that by trying to portray real clothing items, things we wear and actually know, we can improve our fashion illustration skills because you know- 'draw what you know'. Alright, I'm not sure is that actually a saying but  if there is 'write what you know', why shouldn't there be 'draw what you know'?  So, here is an outfit I actually wore. I took these photographs to show you my new closet (I'm planning to do a series of post focusing on my new home and the interior designing I did) but this outfit seemed cute enough for an illustration. Plus, it will take me a while t