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Hello! Today I'll share with you a commission painting of a boat. I'll also share some photographs taken last summer that I haven't shared before so that you can see what inspires me to keep making boat paintings (and that would be Dalmatia- my native region). If you want to see more of my commission work, you can have a look at this family portrait I did in 2018. When I was first approached for a commission, I remember I was surprised but I didn't really hesitate to accept it. I'm glad I didn't. It's a wonderful feeling being able to bring someone joy with your art. I only had a few commissions so far, but they were all win-win situations where everyone is happy so I'll probably say yes in the future as well. All the commissions I had were from local people and I imagine that will be the case with future ones as well. In comparison with my first commission, this painting was easier to do because I was given a quality reference photograph and I didn