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Hello dear readers! How are you doing? I'm working hard on new art projects. It's Friday today and that means I'll share some of my new fashion illustration projects with you. Friday fashion illustration is a regular feature on my blog where I share my fashion illustrations and other art related projects.  You know that I like to experiment with fashion illustration. Today you'll see some of my new experiments. That being said,  all  of my fashion illustrations in this post have a common theme: 'fashion illustrator at work.' I had this cool idea of drawing a fashion illustrator at work (behind her desk), so I drew a marker sketch. I ended up liking this concept so much that I drew several version of the same motive. I drew  two versions with a purple marker and one with a pencil. I did not stop there, though. I uploaded these sketches to my laptop and painted them digitally using Paint 3D. I ended up with several digital versions of 'Fashion illustrator at w