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Pink and Red Worn Together: An Outfit Proposal ( location bay Trstenik, Split, Croatia )

Today I'm sharing a rather simple outfit, something I wore for a stroll by the sea. Nothing beats a stroll by the sea. I adore the seaside in Winter. As long as we dress warmly, there is no reason why we shouldn't spend as much time as possible on the beach. I always go on about therapeutic effects of the sea and I honestly don't believe they are limited to one season. The only thing I have to add to the topic is that in wintertime we should pay special attention  to dressing warmly, especially if what we plan is a long walk by the sea. A turtleneck is always a good choice during winter months, right? I layered this turtleneck over a pink dress. As for outwear, I wore this checkered winter jacket. As some of you may now, I'm a big fan of prints and patterns. I'm also keen on wearing dresses no matter the season. I know that ankle boots with heels don't seem an obvious choice for a long walk, but this pair is so comfortable. How do you like this outfit?

Fashion Illustration Of the Day (A Blue Cocktail Dress Worn With Blue heels)

Happy weekend lovely people! What are your plans for the weekend? I actually plan to get a lot of painting done this weekend, wish me luck. Today I'm sharing one of my most recent fashion illustration. The medium is coloured pencil on paper with a touch of markers. The dress illustrated is a cocktail dress. You know I always wondered where the term cocktail dress came from. I knew it probably has to to do with cocktails and parties but I just had to look this term up. It turns out that cocktail dresses became popular after WW1. Once women began to work the same jobs as men, companies started to encourage socializing between employers by hosting cocktail parties. A cocktail dress became a practical item that can be worn to any kind of meeting in the afternoon. All you needed is to adjust your accessories to suit the occasion. In 1920, it became a popular choice for the elite.  Cocktails dresses not only survived the economic crises, but benefited from it. Day to evening wear