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Today I'll show you two fashion illustrations that were inspired by outfits worn by Anya from fashion blog Reckless diary.   You can see and read the original post that inspired these illustrations here  here . Let's start with the first illustration. I drew it with no name pencils (I have to remember to buy some art supplies asap) on a recycled cereal packaging. I didn't have any brown cardboard paper at home so I just used the cardboard from the packaging because I like to recycle. Scroll down to see the making of collage. I know you like to see drawing process so I always prepare these little collages for you. So, that would be the first outfit I illustrated. I wanted to use a brown cardboard paper to bring out the white of the t-shirt (possibly because I found a while colouring pencil and wanted to put it in use). This is a very cute styling that has some of my favourite colours: red, white and blue. I've been illustrating blazers a lot lately. Anyhow, the illustrat