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Summer Isn't Over Yet! My New Fashion Illustrations: Red Dresses For Summer Filled With Love!

Good morning lovely readers! Today post will be short and sweet because it's Friday and that means that weekend is ahead of us. I have prepared two new fashion illustrations to share with you today. In addition, I'll also show you some new design creations. I sometimes use my fashion illustration to design different items and things, I think fashion illustrations look particularly good as prints on clothes and bags.  1 /  2 These two pencils drawings are new! They capture the summer feeling, because if you ask me, summer isn't over yet. As you may know, I'm trying to get back into drawing fashion illustration. A few days ago, I published another Inspired by feature and today I'll show you two fashion drawings. I drew both of them with coloured pencils. Both of them are illustrations of red dresses. If you want to see more of my illustrations of red dresses, you can check out this post .  For reference, I used two of my own photographs, but I ch