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colours (outfit post) / boje (odjevna kombinacija)

Yesterday I watched a fascinating documentary about colours. Supposedly, lots of animals see more colours than we do...I do wonder what the world looks like for them...alas, I will never know. Perhaps in the future some mad scientist will invest cool glasses that allow us to see things we haven't seen before (in terms of colour) and the fashion world will never be the same....who knows what awaits us in the future? ...and speaking of colours I  love to watch birds. I'm always fascinating by how gorgeous they are, especially the colourful ones. Yesterday in the documentary I told you about they showed a bird that has feather pigmentation that comes off when soaked in water- luckily the natural water does her no harm ( the bird lives in rain forest), but if you dipped her feather in the pipe water, the colour would come off....Interesting how everything in nature is so perfectly balanced. Once I read ( I think it was in Dylan Dog's comic books from all places) that bi

Split (photography) / Split / (fotografija)

  I will never get tired of this city. In my eyes it will always be perfect. Here are some photos that I have taken this morning. xoxo Nikad se neću umoriti od ovog grada. U mojim očima uvijek će biti savršen. Evo nekih fotografija koje sam snimila jutros. Pozdrav