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Deja vu (outfit post/ odjevna objava)

Deja vu. At this exact location in Split last Summer, we shot an outfit post with me wearing this moda in dress. I didn't plan it to happen but now it did, I find it amusing. Last time I paired this dress with sneakers and a denim vest. This time I paired it with a hat, wedges and a DIY necklace. Which version do you prefer? You can see the old outfit post here . I loved shopping at Moda in (both for myself and others), but the store that was in my neighbourhood closed down and I can't track them down. They were a small low cost local bussiness, so maybe they didn't make it. I'm still looking out so if I find them again, I'll let you know. It is so hard to make it today in this world of mass production. I've tried starting a bussiness a few times and always I failed. C'est la vie.  To find peace, between the frequent disappointments and challanges of life, that is the art of living. Sometimes finding peace is not about finding success, but about knowing