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My new creation (outfit post) / Moja nova kreacija (odjevna kombinacija)

Is it possible that it the last day of Summer today? It doesn't feel like it is, not just because I have a feeling that the high temperatures and the blazing sun have gotten mixed up with every single molecule I'm composed of, but because nothing will change dramatically tomorrow. That I won't be walking into a classroom tomorrow feels quite odd. I still remember that 'back to school' excitement. Great part of that feeling was also about being able to remiscent about Summer and to some level even brag about it to our fellow students.  When you're young, every Summer seems unforgettable and unique. When you're a little older, you learn a little secret.... Summer doesn't have to end . We can keep it in our heart. That feeling of freedom and uniqueness can be yours, if you dare to claim it. Try something new every day, that is the best way to keep that feeling of freedom in your heart. Take this necklace I made for example. I went for simplicity and se

Sights to see, Places to visit/ Znamenitosti za vidjeti, mjesta za posjetiti (Hutovo blato/BIH)

This is the first and the last time I wore this faux leather necklace. I wore it this once because I wanted to show it to you but I actually made it for a friend of mine, knowing that she likes the red and black colour sheme. On the other hand, this is not the first time I visited nature resort Hutovo blato. Neither it is the first time I'm blogging about it. Morover, I have been here a number of a times and reported just how much I loved it. You can read my previous posts about nature resort Hutovo blato here ,   here , here and here . If you visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, this is a spot to keep in mind. Ovo je prvi i zadnji put što sam nosila ovu ogrlicu od eko kože, a stavila sam je samo da vam je pokažem jer sam je zapravo napravila za prijateljicu za koju znam da voli crveno crnu kombinaciju boja. No, ovo nije prvi put da sam posjetila park prirode Hutovo blato, a ni da sam pisala o njemu na blogu. Nekoliko puta sam bila tamo i pisala koliko mi se svidjelo, pa ako vas za

Blogger award+ outfit / Nagrada za blog i odjevna kombinacija

I was nomited by   Ela  for Sisterhood of the worldbloggers award. Thank you very much Ela! Don't foget to check out her  blog . The rules are the winner should nominate 5 bloggers but I won't be nominating anyone because I'm not sure whether the bloggers I have in mind are up for it. Nevetheless, if anyone is interested feel free to tag/award yourself. I've prepared 10 questions for you at the end of this post, so don't be shy. Feel free to answer them either in comments or in a post, I would love to read them. Hvala  Eli  koja me nominirala za blog nagradu. Nemojte zaboraviti pogledati njen  blog . Pravilo je da blogger treba nominirati 5 blogera, ali ja neću nikoga nominirati jer nisam sigurna tko bi to želio, a tko ne, pa ću vam pustiti da se sami nominirate ili označite. Pripremila sam deset pitanja na kraju objave i voljela bi čuti vaše odgovore tako da nemojte biti sramežljivi, već odgovorite na njih ili ovdje ili na vašem blogu. These are my answ

TBDress ( plus size wedding dresses and modest bridesmaid dresses)

Hello! This post has been updated with my fashion illustrations.  Today I will present to you TBDress . This site believes that every woman, no matter the size, should have the opportunity to wear a wedding dress of her dreams. Finding a perfect dress in regular stores can be challenging for plus size women, but today fortunately there are many options that enable every single woman to find the wedding gown of her dreams.  We are all build differently and this is the way nature indended it. We need to accept that this is a wonderful thing. Variation is a sign of creativity. Mother nature is so creative, she allows for no repetition. Every woman is beautiful in her own way and realizing her inner beauty makes her even more beautiful.  So, dear ladies, whether you're skinny,  curvy or in between, learn to love and accept your body. You will feel better and you will be better able to accept and appreciate others. Don't compromise, search for clothes that will make you feel

Jadrolinija ferry ride, travelling from Split to island Hvar (outfit post)

Science proved that life on Earth originated in the sea but in our hearts we must have always felt it. Why otherwise would we feel so inspired by the sea? Who of us has not felt his or her heart opening up while mesmerized by the deep blueness of sea? Is it an echo of an oceanic birth of life? Is it our soul that wanders enchanted towards that greatest mystery? We feel the song of the sea, even when we don't understand it. Znanost je dokazala da je život na Zemlji započeo u moru, ali u našem srcu smo zacijelo to znali. Zašto bi nas more inače tako nadahnjivalo? Tko od nas nije osjetio kako mu se srce otvara dok biješe očaran dubokim plavetnilom mora? Je li to odjek morskog rođenja života?  Je li to naša duša koja luta očarana prema tom krajnjem misteriju? Osjećamo pjesmu mora, čak i kada je ne razumijemo. A SELECTION OF CROATIAN POETRY RIKARD KATALINIĆ JERETOV 1869-1954   Born in Volosko (Istria, Croatia), died in Split. During the Second World War he was arrested as a