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Why Exploring Split City on Foot Makes Perfect Sense? A Visit to Split City During Wintertime

Why Exploring Split City on Foot Makes Perfect Sense? 1. Because walking is always a good way to explore any city. Think about it. There is only as much you can see from a car or a bus. Public transportation in Split isn't that bad, but it might be confusing for a foreigner who is also a first time visitor. Fortunately, most people speak decent English so you can always ask for help, but still you can't see everything from a bus. If you a tourist, strolling your day away has many benefits. 2. Because Split is very pedestrian friendly city. Split is a very pedestrian friendly city. Honestly, I don't think you even need a car to explore Split city. Google map (or just grab a free map in the tourist office by the city's cathedral) will be enough for most people. If you find yourself lost, don't hesitate to ask for help/or directions. However, I don't think you have to worry about that. The city is really not that big, so getting lost is

Spring Is Coming.....A Sweater With Statement Sleeves Worn Over a Turtleneck (Outfit Post & Reflection Time)

Today's post is a stark contrast with the last one, isn't it? These images were taken a few days ago when it was warm enough to dress like this. I should also note that I edited these photographs because of overexposure. Most of the times, I don't edit my outfit photographs but the sun was so strong that day, all the colours ended up being way off, so I had to reduce the brightness of these photographs. Today it is rainy, so I don't have to worry about overexposure. Moreover, if were to wear something like this outfit, I would have to add a jacket over it.  Speaking of jackets, I realized why I don't wear this fabulous sweater that often. Recently, when I embarked on a fun activity of window-shopping my own closets I rediscovered this blue sweater with statement sleeves. If I remember well, it was a present from my sister-in-law. The thing with this knit sweater is that it can't fit into any of my coats or jackets. Believe me, I tried. The sleeves are just