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Why do I like wearing patterns? Zašto volim nositi uzorke?

When it comes to clothes, there is a pattern I seem to favour and it is a pattern of wearing patterns. What it is about prints and patterns I love so much? I can't say with absolute certainty, but I can recall quite clearly the sensation of being mesmerized by patterns from an early age. I would stare at elaborative tapestry for hours and I would dream of being an Indian princess. I always loved gypsy dresses and I couldn't help but going nuts for any kind of ethnic print. I have adored and will probably continue to adore traditional clothing and attire. Moreover, I'm sure that folklore will always be a great inspiration for me. Folklore dresses always felt like art to me. Within themselves they contains so much history, aristry and finese, that it is hard not to take a deep apreciation of them. They are quite often very rich in patterns, often embroided ones (my other great passion that I won't get into now).
Kada je u pitanju odjeća, čini se kako pratim jedan uzorak …

Instagram @modaodaradosti ( recap/ sažetak)

I don't do instagram recaps often. I think it's been more than six months since my last one. I decided to share this one because I have lots of images of my paintings and drawings that I haven't shared on my blog yet. In addition, I wanted to let you know that I've closed my etsy shop.  Not that I plan to stop painting or making art. I would have stopped a long time, if only I knew how.
P.S. You can find me on instagram here.
Ne radim često instagram sažetke. Mislim da ima više od šest mjeseci od moga zadnjega. Odlučila sam ovaj podijeliti jer ima puno fotografija mojih slika i crteža koje još nisam podijeliti na blogu. Usput, htjela sam vam reći da sam zatvorila svoj etsy dućan.. To ne znači da prestajem s slikanjem ili umjetnošću. Davno bi prestala da znam kako. 
P.S.. Možete me pronaći na instagramu ovdje.

Princess for a day....Princeza na dan....

You know I've been wondering about something. Why do we ladies love fairytales? Why do we like stories about princesses so much? Why do we enoying dressing up? Some may say that it is just in our feminine nature to enjoy dressing up but that answer is to simplistic for my taste. If it is in our nature, what does it mean? What does it say about us? Sometimes the right answer to a question is another question. That is what I have learned in life. Never be afraid to ask the next question.
 Speaking of us ladies and of our love for dressing up, I think there is more to it than it meets the eye. I think we woman are often perfectionists. We  try to make everyone happy. We aspire to be the best version of ourselves and we work hard to make our lives as beautiful as they can be. Afterall, why should we? What is wrong with that? Why wouldn't we dream about beauty? Sometimes we all need that escape....espace into daydreaming, espace into creativity, espace into fantasy....and isn'…

Inspired by....Nadahnuta s.....

Time for another Inspired by....feature. This is my monthly feature where I post my illustrations of fashion bloggers. Usually I paint them with watercolours, but this time  I used just coloured pencils. If you happen to follow my instagram profile (here), you've already had the chance of seeing these two illustrations. In fact, I took these photos from my insta profile because I don't have my camera with me, so exuse the bad quality. Anyway, here they are. Check out the fabulous bloggers who inspired them here and here
p.s. It will take me a while to answer all your comments because I've had a lot of health problems lately and I'm really exhausted. My posts will probably be few and far between during this Summer.

Vrijeme je za još jednu Nadahnuta s...rubriku u kojoj svakoga mjeseca objavljujem svoje ilustracije modnih blogera. Obično ih slikam vodenim bojicama, ali ovaj put sam koristila obojane olovke.  Pratite li moj instagram profil (ovdje), već ste imali priliku…

Painting of the day (watercolour) / Slike dana (akvarel)


Style We - your new favourite designer may be just a click away!

Hi everyone! Today I'm presenting to you! They are a very special online store. What makes them so unique? To start with, the fact they are featuring independent fashion designers makes them stand out. Moreover, they are special because their goal is to create a community where designers and customers could communicate and interact. They aim to promote independent designers. So, if you want something unique, this is the site for you. They have a lovely selection of designer items. Whatever your style may be, you will probably find something for yourself in this shop. Personally, I always love to see something new and fresh. There are many creative and talented people in the world and not all of them will find their way into mainstream. That is why it is important to have sites like this one, those that are willing to promote lesser known designers and help to connect them with buyers.

There is one fabulous designer that I want to introduce to you! You can look her up un…

A good pair of sneakers is worth gold...Dobar par tenisica zlata vrijedi.....

A good pair if sneakers is worth gold, but so is a nice pair of jeans. There is something liberating about wearing capri jeans.  Theis pair of high-waist cropped jeans is one of the most comfortable ones I own. What is there not to love about capri jeans? You get to free and show a little leg but you don't have to worry whether it is too much. They're a wonderful choice for Spring when it is not warm enough to wear shorts but they also come in handy for those fresh summer days. Do you like capri jeans? I often choose them when I'm travelling, precisely because of that comfort factor. When these photographs were taken (about two weeks ago) I paired them with white sneakers and a turtleneck. P.S. If you're wondering why I have been absent for the last five days...long story short- no internet connection.
Dobar par tenisica vrijedi zlata, a isto se može reći i za lijep par traperica. Ima nešto oslobađajuće u nošenju traperica carpi dužine. Ovaj par viskoga struka mi je j…

Princess Mononoke / Princeza Mononoke (Hand Painted Jeans and A DIY necklace For a Stroll in Mostar city)

DIY projects always make me happy. Today I'm wearing a necklace that I made myself. In addition, the hair decoration is the result of my creative work. It is actually a necklace ( see how I wore it here and here), but I always find new ways for wearing my necklaces. If you want to see how to make this kind of statement necklace, check out my last post. I wore this outfit when I took a stroll in Mostar (you know I'm all about that be a tourist in your own city philosophy) with my husband. He said I look like princess Mononoke. What an original compliment!  Anyway, since I happen to like this epic anime movie, I didin't mind hearing that at all. 
Volim sama izrađivati stvari. Danas nosim ogrlicu koju sam sama napravila.  Uz to, ukras za kosu je također posljedica moga kreativnoga rad. Zapravo se radi o ogrlici (pogledajte kako sam je nosila ovdje i ovdje), ali uvijek pronalazim nove načine za nošenje svojih ogrlica. Želite li vidjeti kako pravim ovakav tip ogrlica, pogledaj…