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 Today I I reached for my mini sketchbook again. I remembered this cute stylized mini portrait sketch that I haven't shared yet. When I say a stylized portrait, it means that the portrait isn't mean to be realistic. You can think of it as a creative and non-realistic portrait style. What is typically meant as stylized portrait invokes images of anime, fashion illustration, Disney or any mainstream cartoon drawing style to my mind. You know, the big or exaggerated eyes, barely there nose and puffy lips- that kind of thing. I typically draw in this style only when I'm making fashion illustrations. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure it was my intention to draw in this style for this mini portrait. In all honesty, I made this sketch to practice drawing hands and food. In addition, choosing this reference might had something to do with my sugar craving. I have temporarily cut all sugar from my diet so I'm taking comfort in illustrating sweets. I do have a sweet tooth bu