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Island Hvar inspired this necklace (outfit post)/ Otok Hvar je nadahnuće za ovu ogrlicu (odjevna kombinacija)

If you spent each day on a different Croatian island, it would take you three years to visit them all, as there are more than a 1, 200 islands in Croatia. I visted only one Croatian island this Summer and I'm currently trying to work out in my head how many of them I have visited in my lifetime. Alas, only a handful of them. So many Croatian islands to visit, so little time!   Standing on my grandmother's terrace, I realize the root of my fascination with rocks. Not the precious or expenssive kind but rocks dig from earth so full of them that farming was almost impossible, rocks that build houses and fences, rocks that are testiment to a remarbakle strenght of people who populated and surrowed on islands lacking natural water resources or fertile land, defying thirst,  hunger, pirates and numerous enemy invasions.  I feel at home in both Split and Mostar but when I get off  the ferry and step onto island Hvar, I step into a magical world. It took me a while to define t