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May recap / sažetak svibnja

I've dedicated a lot of energy to this blog last month. Inspired by Kezzie's BEDIM, I set up a number of challenges for myself, (I managed to published 35 posts last month! is that too much?) some of those projects I'm working on are still to be revealed...let's just say I kept busy in May. I have illustrated 7 fashion bloggers and I'm really happy about that because 'Inspired by' is one feature of my blog that I work really hard on maintaining. Personally I love doing this feature and if your comments are to judge, you love to see it!
Puno sam energije uložila u ovaj blog prošlog mjeseca. Nadahnula me Kezzie i njen izazov objavljivanja svakog dana, pa sam si postavila dosta izazova, objavila sam čak 35 objava prošlog mjeseca (je li to previše?) a na puno projekata još radim i tek ću ih pokazati....recimo samo da sam bila vrijedna ovoga svibnja. Ilusutrirala sam 7 modnih blogerica i drago mi je zbog toga jer se baš trudim održati tu rubriku na blogu. Mene os…