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Where to set our gaze when the sun is setting in Gdinj? / Gdje usmjeriti pogled kada sunce zalazi u Gdinju ( outfit post/ odjevna kombinacija)

Island Hvar. Once again.  We find ourselves in one village named Gdinj. The setting sun invokes the colours to appear on the sky. As on some cue, the cloudes take on themselves the colours of stones, land, sea and forest. The clouds send light messages for us to intepret with our heart, covering our surroundings with an aura of peace and calm, they put our mind to rest. Where should we set our eyes? Towards which side should we turn? Should we gaze towads east and behold the Dalmatian coast line, the mountain Biokovo rising above beautiful Makarska city? Or should we set our gaze towards west and rest our eyes on magnificent semisland Pelješac and island Korčula? Should we gaze north and south, beholding the island itself, stretching before us like a green river of life, flowing towards some eternal sea? Well, if you want my advice, turn your gaze towards each side. If you're willing to take a stroll in this village as the sun is setting and climb a stonewall or two, you will be a