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Let there be colour! (outfit post) / Neka bude boja (odjevna kombinacija)

It was over 40 degrees Celsius (that's over 100 Fahrenheit) when these photographs were taken. Seriously! I'm obviously a desert type when I'm able to enjoy being out at midday in a city that is practically an oven. If you did not know Mostar city is surrounded by mountains and hills which pretty much turns it into an urban oven. Yes, this city is a champion of unbelievably high temperatures during the Summer. So, this hat was as much a necessity as a fashion statement. Wearing a hat when temperature is over 100 Fahrenheit is a sound idea, believe me. Speaking of Fahrenheits,  have you read  Fahrenheit 451  by Ray Bradbury? You should, you know, it really is a brilliant dystopian novel. I find it uncanny how much some writers were able to guess the future, down to minute details. Every time when I ponder about our modern society problems and questionable practices, I think of this novel and I realize I'm not crazy. Some things are just wrong and that's the way it