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Diploma (odjevna kombinacija) ---M.A (outfit post)

 My outfit today is really colourful. I didn't used to be so comfortable with mixing colours but I guess that my taste has changed. Wearing different materials and patterns is what I go for lately. As of today I hold a master's degree in: - Crotian language and literature - English language and literature It is not that I'm bragging. Education is after all a matter of privilege. Everyone who wants to study and can afford it can have a degree of his choice. If  I hadn't had  financial support I would have never had the chance to study and hence graduate so it is not like it is only my personal achievement. Still, I'm very happy today and I want to share it with you. Danas sam diplomirala! Nije da se hvalim, svatko tko ima priliku i potporu može završiti studij. Ipak magistar struke lijepo zvuči, zar ne? Jako sam sretna danas. Moj studij hrvatskog i engleskog jezika i književnosti došao je kraju. Pošto je danas moj dan obukla sam sv