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Inspired by....Nadahnuta s....

Hello! Inspired by is a regular feature on my blog where I illustrate fashion blogs. TODAY THE THEME IS PINK MAXI DRESSES! Two wonderful pink maxi dresses, two fabulous bloggers, check them out here and here . Dvije divne roze duge haljine, dvije prekrasne blogerice, posjetite ih tu i tu . Inspired by....Melanie from Bag and a Beret   ( ) Nadahnuta s ....Tijanom s bloga fashion abejita ( ) FEEL FREE TO CHECK OUT MY OTHER INSPIRED BY POSTS AND SEE WHAT OTHER BLOGGERS I HAVE ILLUSTRATED SO FAR: INSPIRED BY FASHION BLOGGERS 2016 INSPIRED BY SELVAGGIA AND PAOLA 2019 INSPIRED BY MELODY JACOBS 2018 INSPIRED BY NATALIA  2018 INSPIRED BY JODIE'S TOUCH OF STYLE 2018 INSPIRED BY JESSICA 2018 INSPIRED BY TIJANA 2018 INSPIRED BY 2017 EDITION  INSPIRED BY 2016 EDITION INSPIRED BY 2015 EDITION INSPIRED BY...SEVEN FASHION BLOGGERS 2