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How To Handsew a Barbie Dress? My proposal (DIY Project Of the Day- Making Of a Barbie Dress)

Happy Monday darlings! Today I have a very exciting DIY project to share. I'm going to show you how to hand make a designer Barbie dress. Now, I've made Barbie dresses before but this was my first attempt to make a professional looking Barbie dress. My first time coming up with a distinct design and then hand-sewing a Barbie dress. I actually made two Barbie dresses and one coat. In this post I will show you the results and explain how I made these Barbie clothing items. For this DIY you will need: 1. Fabric 2. Satin cords (or something else for decoration) 3. Needle and thread 4. Scissors  5. Barbie doll (optional) There are probably two main reasons why someone would want to make a Barbie dress. First reason is that you want to make it for yourself. The second reason is that you want to make a Barbie dress to give it to somebody, be it to a person who collects Barbie dolls or a child that will actually play with the Barbie doll. In my case it's the la