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Spring in Split / Proljeće u Splitu

Today I'm posting more photographs of the outfit you have had the chance of seeing  yesterday (in my style share post with Jennifer ). These photographs were taken one very sunny day in Split (and that day was last Tuesday if my memory serves me right). I went to return Yucatan by Andrea de Carlo (wiki link here ) to the library. I didn't really get this novel. Have you read it? What do you think about it? Is there something I missed? It kind of reminded me of On the Road and just like with that novel I felt  it lacks a deeper message. The funny thing is that the author said in the preface how this novel is the one that even his greatest fans don't get. Well, I'm not exactly the greatest fan as this is the first novel of his that I had (at least partially) read, but I didn't understand what it was about...and shockingly, I didn't make it all the way to the last page. I've read most of it, but I gave up towards the end. That rarely happens, usually I'm s