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Two Ways To Wear An Off Shoulder Dress: Outfit Proposals

I promised to show you another way to style this white off shoulder dress /tunics, haven't I? I already wore it with white jeans, and today I'm going to show you how to wear it with a red floral skirt. This vintage floral skirt comes from a matching set (I'll show you more photographs bellow). If you own a matching set, there is no need to limit yourself to wearing it in the same way. You can always mix and match. For example, in the outfit you can see bellow, the floral details on the off shoulder dress/blouse match really well with the floral details on the skirt. It's a different floral print, but it looks nice worn together. At least I think so! White and red is always a winning combo if you ask me. There is something about the combination of those two colours that is always eye-catching. Throw in some blue and caramel details and I'm happy as I can be. I guess I'm just a girl who loves colours.

Wearing dresses as blouses is nothing new to me. I love dress…


Summer isn't over yet! So, the question remains: what to wear in the remaining summer days?  How about the colour of love? Red is the colour of love and passion. What better colour to end the summer with? If you want to infuse more red into your summer outfits, you've came to the right place. This year I've been crushing on yellow, but that doesn't mean that I have forgot about the power of colour red. We'll start with baby steps. As with any trend, starting small is always a good idea.
Check your closet and look for anything red. If you don't like red or you don't feel confident enough to rock a red dress, you can always accessorize. Red scarves, bags and other red accessories are a great way to add some colours to your outfits. Don't forget about make up! A red lip goes a long way. A red manicure always looks classical and elegant. If you want to try a new hair colour, why not opt for red? There is something special about redheads.

 Just like with an…

The Art of Layering a Summer Dress: Ivana's Guide For Easy Summer Layering (part two )

The first part of my guide for styling summer dresses was published a while ago (you can read it here), and today it is time to share the part two. Let's get the most of summer joys while we can! I'm always trying to figure out new ways to wear dresses in summer. As you might have noticed, I love wearing dresses. This summer I've been wearing my summer dresses with sneakers a lot, possibly in an effort to refresh my outfits a bit. However, as fun as switching footwear can be, sometimes even that can feel a bit repetitive. I'm always looking for ways to spice up my collection of dresses. Accessories are great but let's not forget about layering. There is no doubt that layering can be a great way to refresh our summer dresses outfits. Best part? We can do it by shopping our closets?
Layering in Summer can be a bit challenging but it is by no means impossible.  Having thought about it, I realized there is a number of options for layering summer dresses. Some of these…


When we talk about island Hvar, what first comes to our mind is probably the city that bears the same name as the island. There is no doubt that Hvar city is one of European top destinations and rightfully so, for Hvar city is truly a beautiful historical town. However, once you move away from Hvar city and explore the island a bit, you'll find out island Hvar has a lot of offer. There are other historical cities to visit on the island, such as Jelsa and Starigrad ( see more herehere, here and here). Let us not forget about little villages and beautiful bays with crystal clear azure waters. Today I'll talk about two bays that literally took my breath away! Mind you, I've been vacationing on this stunningly beautiful island for most of my life, so when I say that these two bays stole my breath away, you can be sure it's pretty special bays that we're talking about. 
 In today's post, I will poin…