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Why do I love prints? Zašto volim uzorke?

I always loved ethnic prints. I think it might have something to do with my fascination with folklore. There was always something drawing me to cultural studies, there was always this sensation that I could experience something new and wonderful by getting myself familiar with some new culture. There was nothing wrong with this instinct, I would say. It made me more curious and it lead me to some great places. Even as a little girl, I felt the desire to learn more about different cultures and over the years this curiously motivated me undertake personal study projects. It caused a lot of wanderlust in my childhood.  As I grew older, I realized that it is not always necessary to travel to experience new cultures. We can learn about some country without even visiting it. Being physically present doesn't always matter much. Do you know those people that are always on their phone? They might call you to meet up but spend all their time texting. When you say your goodbyes, you don&