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What To Read Tonight? 30 Reading Recommendations For International Women's Day! Today We Are Celebrating Lady Writers!

Once again happy International Women's Day! I hope you have had a lovely  so far dear ladies.  Are you looking for a book to read this evening? If you are, you've come to the right place. How do you plan to spend this evening? I plan to spend it reading and if you would like to celebrate the  ending of the International Women's Day in the same way, here is a bit of inspiration. Today  I will share with you 30 book recommendations. All of the books recommended will be by female authors because it's 8th of March and we should celebrate women today. All photographs used for these book reviews are my own. You probably haven't seen some of them before, because I talked about and reviewed many of these books on my other blog. There is a link under every photograph, so you can read the full review (if you want to). 1. Kate Chopin, The Awakening We'll start with a well know classic, a novel I read ages ago but only got to reviewing it last month

Happy International Women's Day With a Selection Of My Art!

I wish you a happy International Women's Day! To celebrate this wonderful holiday, I have prepared a selection  of my works. Some of these paintings & drawings I have shared before, but not in this form. I've been redoing a lot of my old paintings & illustrations lately.  If you take a look at my art, you'll see that it is dominated by portrayals of women. I'm quite literally inspired by women most of the time, at least when it comes to my art. I've always loved this holiday. I'm a woman myself, so there is another reason to celebrate today.  I do believe we have a lot to celebrate! As Oriana Fallaci said, being a woman is so fascinating, it's an adventure that requires great courage. I'm looking forward to continuing living this adventure. Have a lovely day! INSTAGRAM BOOK MY SHOP GOODREADS