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Do you like history? If you do, Ston is a must place to visit. Holding the record for the longest defence walls in all of Europe, Ston is an extremely  attractive destination. It can also boost with thousands of years old salt works that are still operational. If you want to buy some organic and naturally produced salt, this is a place to do it. Speaking of food, did you know Ston is the place to get sea food? Organically harvested sea food is waiting for you in Ston's restaurants. This is just a tip of an iceberg. If you really want to dive into Ston history,  you need to learn about the history of Republic of Dubrovnik. You see, their histories are intervowen. Ston used to belong to the Republic of Dubrovnik. It is a place of unique beauty. Naturally, it attracts many visitors. However, it is still not too crowded. We visit Ston fairly often. Once a year on average. We visited it a few months ago, but also in Autumn 2022. These photos are actually from that Autumn  visit but it w