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sporty style/ sportski stil

Who would have known that a dog can influence your style? Since I had my little she-wolf (as I like to call her) I have started wearing sneakers more often. This is a breed that can help you stay physically active. When I take her for a walk there is always a lot of running and jumping involved. She is growing so fast and already she is very muscular. When there are people around, I always keep her on a leash not because there is any risk of her biting anyone but because I don't want to frighten anyone. She is just a puppy, 3 months old, a baby really, but because of her size she is already making people nervous. Tko bi rekao da pas može utjecati na vaš stil. Otkada imam svoju vučicu, češće nosim tenisice. Ovo je vrsta koja vam može pomoći da ostanete u formi. Kad god je šetam, tu uvijek ima puno trčanja i skakanja. Ona raste tako brzo, a već je tako jako i mišićava. Kad su u blizini ljudi, uvijek je vodim na lancu, jer ne želim nikoga preplašiti (ne mislim da postojis s

My creations (inspired by blue) / Mojih ruku djelo(nadahnuta plavom)

Do you know that I make jewelry? I haven't written much about it on the blog but perhaps in the future I will. I might do some DIY posts (as well as write about different techniques) if you're interested. Anyhow, today I'm presenting you with a little sample of my work: two of mine necklaces that are inspired by the colour blue. The first one has hand painted flowers made from fimo and that one can be worn during winter months as well, white the second one is distinctly for summer, the focus of it being natural materials (stones and shells I have collected on the beach). Both of them are very light on the neck and easy to combine with different clothes. I'm not sure  they can be called statement peaces, as they are of medium size, but they are definitely unique. Until now, I have never repeated myself, every necklace I have made is unlike any other I have made. Naturally, in the future I might do it, for example I might design a particular necklace that I like