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Summer in urban enviroment / Ljeto u urbanom okruženju (denim skirt, casual outfit and no make up whatsover/ suknja od jeansa, ležerna kombinacija i nimalo šminke)

         Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I'm no shoppingholic. Yet, lately I've been doing some local shopping (by local I mean all Croatian brands) and it was an enjoyable experience.  One of my purchases was this fabulous denim skirt. I already gave up on finding the perfect denim skirt when I found this beauty in Amadeus. I paired it with a DIY chocker, plain black top and boromira sandals. I wore this outfit for a walk around town which ended up with a having a meal in restaurant Dujin dvor ( LINK ). The dinner was great (albeit with modest portions), so  I'm taking this opportunity to   recommend this restaurant (you can see it in the last photograph...and speaking of which, some photographs were taken with camera and some with our cellphones so the quality varies, sorry for that but my scoliosis has been bothering me and dragging my cam everywhere with me becomes increasingly difficult).        Anyway, I felt very comfortable wearing this. This