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The Art of Layering a Summer Dress: Ivana's Guide For Easy Summer Layering (part two )

The first part of my guide for styling summer dresses was published a while ago (you can read it here), and today it is time to share the part two. Let's get the most of summer joys while we can! I'm always trying to figure out new ways to wear dresses in summer. As you might have noticed, I love wearing dresses. This summer I've been wearing my summer dresses with sneakers a lot, possibly in an effort to refresh my outfits a bit. However, as fun as switching footwear can be, sometimes even that can feel a bit repetitive. I'm always looking for ways to spice up my collection of dresses. Accessories are great but let's not forget about layering. There is no doubt that layering can be a great way to refresh our summer dresses outfits. Best part? We can do it by shopping our closets?
Layering in Summer can be a bit challenging but it is by no means impossible.  Having thought about it, I realized there is a number of options for layering summer dresses. Some of these…


When we talk about island Hvar, what first comes to our mind is probably the city that bears the same name as the island. There is no doubt that Hvar city is one of European top destinations and rightfully so, for Hvar city is truly a beautiful historical town. However, once you move away from Hvar city and explore the island a bit, you'll find out island Hvar has a lot of offer. There are other historical cities to visit on the island, such as Jelsa and Starigrad ( see more herehere, here and here). Let us not forget about little villages and beautiful bays with crystal clear azure waters. Today I'll talk about two bays that literally took my breath away! Mind you, I've been vacationing on this stunningly beautiful island for most of my life, so when I say that these two bays stole my breath away, you can be sure it's pretty special bays that we're talking about. 
 In today's post, I will poin…

Summer Isn't Over Yet! My New Fashion Illustrations: Red Dresses For Summer Filled With Love!

Good morning lovely readers! Today post will be short and sweet because it's Friday and that means that weekend is ahead of us. I have prepared two new fashion illustrations to share with you today. In addition, I'll also show you some new design creations. I sometimes use my fashion illustration to design different items and things, I think fashion illustrations look particularly good as prints on clothes and bags. 

These two pencils drawings are new! They capture the summer feeling, because if you ask me, summer isn't over yet. As you may know, I'm trying to get back into drawing fashion illustration. A few days ago, I published another Inspired by feature and today I'll show you two fashion drawings. I drew both of them with coloured pencils. Both of them are illustrations of red dresses. If you want to see more of my illustrations of red dresses, you can check out this post.  For reference, I used two of my own photographs, but I changed up the looks a bit. 


A Sightseeing Outfit Plus Interesting Facts About Split City (part two)

Today's post is a continuation of this one.  If you remember last time we stopped at Peristyle, the main square during Roman times. Today Peristyle serves the purpose of 'Piazza Del Duomo', that is the cathedral's square. That's what we checked out last time. Now, we're going to continue walking through the narrow street (filled with cute shops) that leads to another square "Narodni Trg Pjaza" ( I suppose we could translate it as People's Square/Piazza). Narodni Trg, a city square that was a logical consequence of city's urban development, is a lovely place to visit. There are some really nice restaurant and coffee places there. This main city's square is quite photo/Instagram worthy as well.  I should know, since it's one of my favourite places in Split city. For centuries this place has been the centre of life in Split city, so it is definitely worth a visit. Maneuvering Split's Mediterranean narrow streets can be a challenge at…

Layering a Yellow Summer Dress in Summer? Outfit Proposal of the Day

Happy Monday lovely people! Remember my post about the art of layering a summer dress in summer? Well, if you don't, you can always refresh your memory here. One of my tricks for layering a summer dress is very simple: wrap a shirt around it. There is something so nineties about that, right? I don't mind because I love the nineties. You can also wrap a long sleeve tee around your waist, but there is something about wrapping a shirt that really appeals to me.
As we all know, it can get very hot during the summer. That is why it is important to pay attention to the fabrics we wear. Take this outfit, for example. I'm wearing a cotton dress paired with a cotton shirt. By relying on cotton materials, I managed to layer my summer outfit without risking being too warm. The necklace I'm wearing is my own creation. It is made from up-cycled faux leather and rhinestones but since the necklace isn't enormous, it didn't make me uncomfortable. I like statement necklaces bu…