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Fashion illustration of the day/ Modna ilustracija dana (Vorrei che ritornasse presto un altro lunedì)

A new week. A new month. Who knows what it means? Who knows what it will bring? I have no idea and sometimes that is not such a bad thing. I have tons of plans and desires. At times too much inspiration can be distracting. When I end up feeling a bit disoriented, I remind myself to take it one day at the time. That's what I will do and hence I can only tell you what you will see on blog today and that is another painting, once again a watercolour painting.  There are a few more of them coming out. This one is a more artistic take on a fashion illustration. It was painted on the same day as the last two fashion illustrations I shared ( here and here ), so back in October but the choice of colours was very much influenced by Autumn. My significant other immediately recognized my inspiration behind this piece (one faux fur scarf I have in my closet since forever).  Novi tjedan. Novi mjesec. Tko zna što to sve znači? Tko zna što će donijeti? Nemam pojma i ponekad to i nije loš