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If you remember in my last posts I shared a seascape sketch with you. Today I will show you the completed version. I did complete this watercolour pencil sketch the same day I started it. There was also a version I made with oil pastels. In case anyone is wondering, I don't have these two with me anymore. I shipped some of my art to one (amateur) art gallery yesterday. The watercolour landscape I'm sharing with you today was among the paintings sent while the pastel version of this scene was sent to a friend.  Both of them were sketched on a lovely sunny day on Firule beach in Split (it has gotten colder in the meantime). I  have actually only had that one day at the beach so far.  WATERCOLOUR PENCILS- THE FINISHED VERSION The version with watercolour pencils turned out alright, but I think I might do another one. Isn't it interesting how different this landscape looks once water is applied to it? As I explained, I might do another version of this landscape some time in th