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 Hello there! Happy Sunday! How's October treating you so far? Here in Dalmatia (Croatia), it's rather warm and sunny. There are still tourists around and who could blame them? Now is probably the best time to enjoy one's vacation, especially if you don't like the crowds and like to have your personal space to yourself. You could say it still feels like summer, especially mid day when the sun is so strong. The painting I will share with you today is also bathed in sunshine. Yes, I have another painting to share with you.  A few months ago, I started an art feature with the goal of sharing my paintings and illustrations of different places. So far, I have painted more than 22 paintings and took you to many places along the way, most of them located in Croatia (because that's the area I know best) but you never know what might inspire me next. Today I will share another TRAVEL WITH MY ART POST . I shared one yesterday , but I feel like continuing on an art note, so wh