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Checking out and reviewing our blog statistics is always an educating experience. Regardless of whether you are a professional or a hobby blogger (or something in between), reading your blogging statistics can tell you a lot about what kind of content your readers enjoy. So, I analyzed  my blogger statistics for this year to see what posts were the most visited ones. Now, I'm not a professional bloggers and not surprisingly my views are not the most impressive ones. I've been blogging for seven years and I still a bit short of one million views while there are bloggers who get a million views monthly. Still, I think it makes sense to reflect on our blogging work, even for small- time bloggers,  because it can be a great learning experience.  I don't blog for views, but I'm genuinely interested in what my readers like and what they read the most. Therefore, I think it makes sense to make this kind of posts. 
It is interesting to have a look at them and even more to com…


Hello there! Today I have a new fashion illustration to share with you. I couldn't resist illustrating this gorgeous yellow tulle dress from Carolina Herrera resort 2020 collection. It seemed worth the sacrifice of my free time. I mean this yellow dress is stuff dreams are made of! Plus, I liked the editorial background for this collection (Vogue did a full coverage here) so I included that in illustration as well.  The medium for this romantic fashion illustration is: oil pastels on paper. I used a mixed media paper from brand Strathmore (not sponsored) and pastels from brand Russian art brand Sonet (not sponsored either). I actually got both the pastels and the paper as a gift. I already used this mixed media paper and pastels to illustrate Natalia Lialina (check out her blog IN THE WRITER'S CLOSET here) as well as a number of designer looks. Pastels are not the first thing that come to one mind when fashion illustration is concerned, but I like the use them because they cr…